Darren Pendleton

Darren Pendleton,
Senior Risk Management

CPS Security Systems was established by Darren Pendleton in 2018. Darren is a strong individual with highly developed communication skills, leadership with extensive operational experience within the private security sector.
Aside from his role at CPS, Darren currently operates as advisor and operative on various security detail for the Met Police, West Midlands Constabulary, ex SAS operatives, Security / Surveillance and other Enforcement Agencies throughout the UK
Darren Pendleton

Employment History

Darren has a military background and is highly experienced in close protection, both within the UK and Internationally. He has been involved in the close protection industry for over 18 years with a successful career as a close protection operative in the private sector.
His first posting was with a high-net-worth family based in London, followed by a move a couple of years later to private armed security protection unit for a CEO and his family in Haiti 2010 with three tours. Darren was appointed leader for a dedicated team of armed professionals providing excellent front of house services, planning secured routes, ensuring family protection services in a hostile environment. After leaving Haiti, Darren was employed by some of the high-net-worth families in London and the North West, to manage and advise on family security concerns.

Darren’s previous job roles include:

  • Close Protection (Bodyguard) 
  • Family Protection UK / International 
  • Head of Family Protection Unit 
  • Kidnap and Ransom Prevention 
  • Surveillance 
  • Armed Close Protection (Hostile International)
  • PSD International 
  • Residential Security Detail 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Senior Consultation